Are Jeep Wrangler Interiors Waterproof? (Can it get Wet? Find Out)

You’re driving along when suddenly there’s a puddle on the road that’s a little too big to dodge. The question arises, “Should I take a chance on this?” Is my Jeep in danger?

We can all agree that the Jeep Wrangler was built for adventure. It’s weatherproof and capable of going where other cars can’t go. What happens, though, when water from Mother Nature shows up? In this article, I’ll find out if the insides of Jeep Wranglers are waterproof or not.

Are Jeep Wrangler Interiors Waterproof?

Are Jeep Wrangler Interiors Waterproof?

The interiors of Jeep Wranglers are not waterproof and are susceptible to damage if they are exposed to water. Seats, door panels and dashboards make up the various components that make up the interior of the jeep.

After becoming wet, each of these things needs to be meticulously cleaned in order to eliminate any possibility of mould growth inside of your vehicle.

The reality is that only a small percentage of products advertise themselves as waterproof, with the rationale that such products must indeed be completely immune to water. While the Jeep’s interior is not completely watertight, it is resistant to moisture.

Jeep states that the push-button start system was put through a 24-hour soak test in a mist chamber to ensure it would continue to function normally after being submerged in water.

It is imperative that you constantly clean out your vehicle after it has been raining because this can lead to unpleasant scents as well as health concerns such as allergies or sinus infections that may require medical attention.

Therefore, it is essential to have some kind of protection for the interior of your vehicle if you reside in a region that receives a lot of precipitation, whether it be rain or snow.

How to protect your Jeep Interior from the rain?

Here are a few effective ways to keep your Jeep from getting wet.

1. Check the Weather: You should keep a close eye on the forecast during the months when you are running without a top. If you anticipate rain, it’s best to prepare for it.

2. Put the soft top back on the car: The simplicity with which a soft top can be lowered and raised is one of its greatest advantages. Simply putting the top back up will aid in diverting water away from the dashboard and seats even if not all of the zip windows are in.

3. Grab a Bikini Top: There are a variety of high-quality Bikini tops on the market that will serve to shield you from the sun and the rain without compromising the integrity of your dashboard or other interior components.

4. Jeep Cover: Jeep covers are also a great buy. You can easily secure them by pulling them over the top of the roll bar and the windshield. Setting up a sturdy cover is quick and easy, and it won’t cost you more than a few dollars. If you drive a Jeep to work and then leave it parked all day, you should invest in a Jeep cover.

5. Seat Covers: We like seat covers a lot. Even if you leave the top up, they will shield your seats from the sun and make cleanup a breeze compared to the original equipment seats. You can prevent your but from being drenched by grabbing a set of moisture wicking seat covers and rapidly wiping off your seats to remove pooled water.

Are Jeep Wrangler Interiors Waterproof?

What to Do If Your Jeep Is Stuck in the Rain

You will not be able to completely keep the water from coming into your Jeep, even if you take all possible precautions. There are occasions when you will incorrectly judge the weather, only for it to turn out to be pouring rain on you at that moment. So, in the event that your Jeep is flooded, what steps will you take next?

1. Pull The Carpets

It’s possible that you’ll need to remove the carpets, given the current moisture level. It’s not difficult to remove the carpet to check for pooled water. Vacuum the carpets thoroughly and then hang them somewhere to dry. This could take anywhere from a few hours to many days if you reside in a particularly humid climate.

2. Pull The Plugs

Models of the Jeep Wrangler produced in the last decade or so also feature floor drains to remove standing water. To prevent water from accumulating inside your drenched Jeep, just remove the plugs from the floorboards. Reconnect the plugs once you’re finished.

3. Wipe Dry All Hard Surfaces

Dry the Jeep’s hard surfaces, including the dashboard, the steering wheel, the doors, and the pedals, using a towel or, preferably, a rag that can soak up moisture. Once finished, use down to thoroughly wipe clean any surfaces made of fabric, vinyl, or leather. As a result, the moisture will be drawn away from the surfaces.

4. Air Dry

When you’re done, let the car air dry. On a warm day, let the sun in. If it’s winter or you live somewhere humid, use a house fan on wet regions. A modest house fan may dry moist places. Like carpets, this can take an hour or two in humid climates.

Are Jeep Wrangler Interiors Waterproof?


Are the inside of a Jeep Wrangler waterproof? Yes and no is the answer. Yes, the seats and floors are created from water-resistant materials, but the interior is not totally protected from the weather. If you want to drive in wet weather or across streams or puddles, it is advisable to take safeguards against water damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the inside of the Jeep Wrangler waterproof?

YES. You can hose the interior of a jeep without effecting the vehicle. The electrical system is built to be waterproof.

What are Jeep Wrangler seats made of?

These days there are comfortable, spongy neoprene designs, tough ballistic nylon, durable and soft polycotton, as well as automotive grade vinyl and leatherette covers.

How do you dry out a Jeep interior?

As you are accessing the drain plugs, you’ll notice you’ve started pulling up the carpets. Continue this process by removing as many pieces of wet carpet as possible. Hang them in the sun and if you have a high-powered fan, or can borrow one, then aim it at the carpet (and your Jeep) to aid in the drying process.

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