Can You Paint A Jeep Hardtop? (Things to Avoid)

The Jeep hardtop can be painted, but there are some things you need to know first. With the right preparation and paint, you can give your Jeep hardtop a showroom finish, and that’s exactly what we’ll show you how to do in this post.

A Jeep can stand out from the crowd if it is painted in a contrasting colour or has stripes and other decorations that are similar to those found on any other vehicle. It’s up to you to select how to paint your Jeep’s roof, and this guide can help.

There are a few things to consider before painting your Jeep hardtop. Fibreglass is used to construct Jeep hardtops, so they may be painted like any other automobile. A few things should be kept in mind, however.

Fiberglass primer must be used in the first step. This will ensure that the paint adheres to the surface and does not flake off later. Before painting the hardtop, take sure to sand it thoroughly. This will ensure that the paint adheres to a smooth surface.

While painting a Jeep hardtop is straightforward, it’s critical that you take your time and get the job done correctly. It’s possible to build a Jeep that will turn heads with a little time and effort.

Can You Paint A Jeep Hardtop?

Why paint the hardtop of your Jeep?

The reason you’re here is because you want to paint or repaint your Jeep hardtop. Repainting your Jeep hardtop may be necessary for the following reasons:

Nature trail scratches while off-road driving 

It’s a given that you’d take your Jeep out for a lot of off-roading and nature walks. Scratches on the jeep can occur as a result of the small roads, which wind through valleys, hills, and corners with dangerously overhanging trees and rocks. To get it back to its original appearance, you’ll have to repaint it.

Parking vehicles under strong sunlight 

If you routinely leave your car in the sun while you park it, you’ve probably noticed how dull it looks. Strong sunlight quickly ages the paint of your car. Your car appears drab as a result. You will immediately see the difference if you leave the car in the sunshine for a few hours. To restore it to its original colour, you must repaint.

Used bad paint recently

There are chances where the jeep owners wrongly hire a bad painter and end up doing the entire painting task once again. In some cases, they would have selected the wrong paint that fades quickly. These are certain discrepancies that happen. If you are noticing the color which you do not like or the painter performed a shabby job, you need to think about repainting so as to meet your hopes.


Accidents can happen at any time, and it’s impossible to know when they will. Even though it is a strong vehicle, it could get dents and scratches if it gets into an accident. To look its best, this needs a new coat of paint. Make sure you choose the right colour for the hardtop. It should be the same colour as the outside of the car.

Repainting the Jeep hardtop is necessary for a variety of reasons.

Things to Consider Before You Paint That Jeep Hardtop

Consider a few things before painting your Jeep hardtop.

  • First, make sure the hardtop has no severe damage that would impede painting. Before painting, repair any cracks or holes in the hardtop.
  • Another consideration is paint. Diverse paints have different uses. If you want a paint that’s durable, consider a harder one. If you want a cosmetic modification, select a less lasting paint.
  • Finally, consider how much time and work you’re willing to invest. Jeep hardtop painting isn’t easy. The job requires time and patience. If you’re up for it, go for it.

How to Paint The Hardtop

Painting your Jeep’s hardtop is an excellent way to give it a unique flair. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before to getting started.

Be sure to sand and buff the plexiglass before painting to remove any existing paint or obvious scratches. Because most people lack the appropriate equipment to sand the entire hardtop uniformly, this is a common mistake.

Can You Paint A Jeep Hardtop?

It’s possible to do the top sanding yourself if you have a lot of time and patience, but be sure to use good sandpaper.

Instead of sanding by hand, a professional electrical sander might be more effective. Because it takes so much time, many people would prefer to leave it to the experts.

When your Jeep Wrangler has been properly prepped, you may begin masking. All of the windows and the hardtop’s sides will need masking tape.

Non-straight lines in the paint work can contradict the aim of the new paint job if the masking process is not done correctly.

Having to hire a professional to remedy work that you completed yourself might be discouraging after investing a lot of time and money into it.

If you’re not confident in your abilities to paint the Jeep hardtop yourself, you should probably leave it to the professionals to avoid this from happening to you.


The roof of your Jeep can be painted in a variety of ways, from giving it a fresh style to protecting it from the elements. Before you begin, you need be aware of a few things. In the first place, be sure to choose plastic-safe automotive paint. Before painting, make sure you sand and prepare the surface. Finally, give the paint plenty of time to dry between layers. The hardtop of your Jeep will look fantastic if you follow these instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wrap a Jeep Wrangler hard top?

You can not wrap the textured top. The wrap will not stick to very well. Wrap material needs a slick smooth surface to adhere to.

How much do Jeep wraps cost?

Wrapping a Jeep will cost anywhere from $1,300 to $10,000. Including both materials and labor costs, a vinyl wrap will cost between $1,300 and $5,000.

What is a Jeep Wrangler hardtop made of?

All Jeep Wrangler hardtops are constructed with solid fiberglass so they are clearly the more durable option. 

Can you wax a Jeep hard top?

Well, the hardtop is painted so it can be waxed.

What do you put on a jeep hardtop?

Meguiar’s All Season Dressing will give your Jeep’s hardtop a long-lasting shine, and if you want, you can apply it on your trim as well.

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