Do Jeep Wranglers Have a Backup Camera [Detailed Answer]

Fans of the Jeep brand are still curious as to whether or not their favourite vehicles come standard with backup cameras. When you need to get a better look at what’s behind you from the comfort of the driver’s seat, a backup camera is an excellent safety tool to have.

Have you ever seen a Jeep Wrangler with a backup camera? Any Jeep Wrangler you choose will come equipped with a backup camera. In accordance with the new legislation, backup cameras will now be required in all new cars.

Do Jeep Wranglers Have a Backup Camera

In keeping with this, the 2018 Jeep Wrangler refresh has a high-quality backup camera as standard equipment. Previous-generation devices do not have backup cameras installed.

A backup camera is technically standard equipment in every Jeep. Reason why? On 2018, lawmakers mandated that all new cars sold in the market include backup cameras. That’s right, from now on, every Jeep will come standard with a backup camera.

The law requires a backup camera, Owners of Jeeps, however, can add improvements to the vehicle’s security and other convenience features.

These cameras can be purchased from many retailers and put on the back of a car. There is a wide range of prices, with some being prohibitively expensive and others surprisingly low. I’m curious, though, as a driver, what benefits you anticipate. It’s imperative that you equip your Jeep, and any other cars, with surveillance cameras for your own safety and security.

The Benefits of Having a Backup Camera

People who are interested in buying a Jeep often ask what this backup camera does for the car. The most obvious benefit of having a backup camera in your Jeep is that it lets you see further than a rear-view mirror. This makes the car safer and protects people and property more as you back up.

To be specific, a backup camera can also be called the rearview camera or the reversing camera. These are particular types of camera that are attached to the rear of the vehicle as it helps you see the area behind the vehicle when backing up.

  • This car accessory is a must-have for new drivers, especially beginners, because it gives them more confidence while driving.
  • There are backup cameras that are specifically designed for Jeep vehicles, and adding this accessory to your vehicle will protect you and your car from unseen collisions and obstacles.
  • Backup cameras of your Jeep will provide extra visibility at the back of your car and is much better than turning your head to see the view.
  • Backup cameras help to ensure that you’re steering your car in the right direction to get it into the desired space.
Do Jeep Wranglers Have a Backup Camera

Is it Worth Having Backup Cameras on your Jeep?

Backup cameras are the greatest way to avoid damaging your vehicle or other objects when reversing. The rearview mirror will only show you what’s in front of the automobile, not what’s behind it. Rather than depending solely on the limited visibility provided by the rear-view mirrors, a backup camera can alleviate this problem.

The problem of blind spots is solved as a bonus when a backup camera is put on the exterior of the car, in the back. Having a backup camera in your car is useful for situations like these.

The backup camera is preferable to the rear-view mirror when driving in poor visibility conditions, such as heavy rain or early morning fog.


Maybe you’re thinking about buying a Jeep Wrangler, and you’re curious if they have a built-in backup camera. With the 2018 model year, all Jeep Wranglers come standard with a rearview camera. This feature, which can be accessed through the rear-view mirror, is standard on all trim levels. Therefore, the Jeep Wrangler is an excellent option if you need a car equipped with a backup camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Jeep Wranglers have backup cameras?

In 2018, a law was passed stating that all new vehicles, including Jeep Wranglers, must have backup cameras installed. If you have an older model that didn’t already come with a camera, you’ll need to install one yourself.

Where is Jeep Wrangler backup camera located?

It’s mounted on the license plate, which is on the far left side of the Jeep. The camera sees past the spare tire and gives you a wide, if slightly offset view.

What year did Jeep Wranglers get backup camera?

The Wrangler has been around since 1986. It started featuring the backup camera in 2018 with the debut of the Wrangler JL.

Can you install a backup camera on a Jeep?

The Jeep Wrangler JK Backup Camera Kit includes all the needed wiring, harnesses, modules, brackets, and camera needed for seamless integration and install. With the included bracket, this can easily mount behind the rear spare tire to allow the camera to poke through the wheel spokes.

Is installing a backup camera worth it?

A rear view camera is an essential safety item, not only if you have young children, but for everyone. Being able to see behind your car at the base level may well save the life of your child, or someone else’s. Not only are the cameras inexpensive, but they are easy to install.

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