How to Get Factory Jeep Build Sheet (VIN Lookup)

It feels amazing to finally own your ideal Jeep, whether it’s a brand-new model or a pre-owned car. When you acquire your new prized possession, you can begin to plan how you’ll utilise it or even modify it.

The Jeep build sheet lists the vehicle’s original specifications. Some secondhand car buyers and collectors want to know if the Jeep has been modified, since most owners do. Some improvements are evident, but some aren’t, so check your Jeep’s build sheet.

You can learn a lot about your Jeep and its original configuration from the build sheet. Since most Jeep owners enjoy adding new features and improving their vehicle, this is a necessity for some used car buyers and collectors. Some of these upgrades are fairly obvious, but others aren’t; therefore, it’s important to know how to obtain your Jeep’s build sheet.

This article will help you locate what you need whether you’re wanting to buy a new or used Jeep or simply need to know the VIN number for your current car.

Is it possible to obtain your factory Jeep build sheet?

If your Jeep was manufactured in 1998 or later, the answer to the question of whether you may obtain its build sheet is yes. If your Jeep was manufactured before 1998, the answer is “probably.”

Whether you can get your Jeep’s factory build sheet depends on whether it was made before 1998 or after. One way is to use the vehicle’s VIN to do a simple internet search. The other way is to contact Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), the company that makes the car.

Why Get Factory Jeep Build Sheet?

A factory Jeep construction sheet can be useful for a number of reasons. Whether you’re looking for a certain Jeep model or year or just curious about the production process, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dig deeper into how to get your Jeep’s build sheet, what it is, and where to get it. By doing so, you will not only have a deeper understanding of your car, but you will also be prepared to sell it in the future. The same holds true if you’re looking into purchasing your first Jeep of any kind, be it a Cherokee, Wrangler, or something else.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a string of 17 characters that is specific to a given car in terms of its manufacturer, model, make, and manufacturing year. As a result, it will shed light on a great many aspects of your vehicle in particular.

You need to know the meaning of all 17 digits in your Jeep’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to go around the vehicle:

  • First: Country of Origin (1, 3, or 4 for the United States, 2 for Canada, 3 for Mexico, and the first letter of the country for the rest)
  • Second: This letter indicates the manufacturer of the Jeep, ie “C” for Chrysler.
  • Third: Stands for the type of vehicle, like “4” for a passenger car.
  • Fourth to Eight: Jeep’s Description (4DR, 4WD, SUV, etc.)
  • Ninth: Check Digit; not standardized as it requires a mathematical formula developed by the US DOT
  • Tenth: A letter or number indicating the year that your Jeep was made.
  • Eleventh: Jeep’s Specific Manufacturing Plant
  • Twelfth to Seventeenth: Production Sequence Number

The registration documentation for your Jeep will often list its VIN. If you don’t have those, the VIN is also visible someplace on the car, either on a piece of trim or behind the hood. The VIN is displayed differently on each Jeep model.

Get Your Jeep’s Factory Build Sheet

For those of you in this category, it is fairly easy to get your Jeep build sheet. Here is what you do in four simple steps:

Step 1: Get the 17-character VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

If you look on a sticker or panel inside your Jeep, you should be able to see the VIN number. It’s possible to find this tucked away in the trunk or on the inside of a door jam. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is kept in a unique location for each Jeep model. Your Jeep’s VIN can also be located by consulting the vehicle registration or by consulting a Jeep-savvy mechanic.

Step 2: Enter your VIN

Your build sheet can be located online after you have the VIN code. For more information about your Jeep’s VIN number, you can visit the FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automotive) website or utilise a Jeep VIN decoder. The Jeep database is often searchable by these sites, giving them access to your VIN. These Jeep VIN checkers are normally free to use.

Step 3: Download or print the build sheet

Using a Jeep VIN decoder or a Jeep VIN lookup website, you may locate your Jeep’s build sheet and then either print it off or save a copy to your computer or mobile device. With this, you get a full history of your Jeep. That’s all there is to it!

Step 4: Products Manufactured After 1998 or Units Made Before 1998

This is how you can easily obtain a Jeep build sheet by VIN for any model year 1998 or later:

Open up your web browser on your laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone. Check out the list of equipment on the FCA Community page. In the box, type or copy and paste your Jeep’s VIN, then click the “Search” tab. The site will then give you a build sheet for the unit, which lists the standard and optional pieces of equipment that were used. You can print the sheet or download it.

Units Made Before 1998

For these specific Jeep models, you have two ways on how to find the build sheet:

Via Internet Search – Although the FCA website states that the functionality is ineligible for Jeeps manufactured prior to 1998 since the majority of records were not stored digitally, there’s no harm in trying. You should go ahead and take a chance.

By Contacting FCA – The “Historical Services” branch of Jeep’s manufacturer can assist you locate your antique Jeep Build Sheet by VIN. Simply contact or visit them to request something. Ensure that you specify that you require the unit’s factory construction sheet. Fill out the FCA Historical Services Build Record Request Form as an alternative. Then, email or mail the completed form to the specified email or mailing address.


The Jeep build sheet is a useful document that can alert potential buyers and owners to any customizations that may have been done to the vehicle.

When dealing with a pre-owned unit, this is of the utmost importance. Since the manufacturer likely has either hard copies or digital versions (or both), obtaining this data shouldn’t be too difficult.

Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which is printed on a sticker inside your vehicle or can be found on your vehicle registration, is all that’s required. A car technician can be consulted if necessary.

The procedure for ordering a custom-built vehicle is simple, but you will need time on your side because of the lengthy wait. However, with assistance and a web search, you can monitor development. To find your Jeep’s build information, simply enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) into the search bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a build sheet from a VIN number?

By entering the VIN, a dealer can get a build sheet, which is a printout of how the car is equipped. That includes engine size, transmission, bed size, interior specifications and even factory options.

How do you get factory build sheets Jeep?

The build sheet is usually available in your owner’s manual, under the passenger seat, or inside a glove compartment.

How can I track my new Jeep being built?

Jeep’s manufacturer has a “Historical Services” department to help you find your vintage Jeep Build Sheet by VIN. Just call or visit them to make a request.

How do you tell when my Jeep was built?

The only real way to find the build date is the sticker on the driver’s door.

Can my VIN number tell me what options I have?

The VIN is able to tell you what options the vehicle has, as well as where it was produced. The 17 digits VIN found on the driver’s side will provide the purchase and service history of the vehicle. To know more, you can call a dealership with the VIN, pull an online report, or call the manufacturer.

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