How to Store Jeep Doors

Many Jeep owners prefer to drive with the doors off because they feel it provides a more authentic Jeep experience. The question is what to do with them after removal. Without a convenient place to put them, they can become an annoyance.

Owning a Jeep has a lot of benefits, from the way they appear to the way they drive on and off road. The uniqueness of these automobiles lies in the fact that their doors can be opened while driving.

A Jeep expert would know that extreme caution must be taken when removing the doors. Here are some ways you can store Jeep doors safely to avoid the hassle.

How to Store Jeep Doors

Use a Jeep Door Removal Tool

The first step in securing your doors for storage is removing them from your car. Taking the doors off your Jeep presents a high risk of destruction. You could easily hurt yourself if you dropped them, and at the very least, you’d damage your door or window.

We advise utilising a specialised removal tool to avoid such a disaster. For instance, Top Lift Pro’s Jeep door removal tool may quickly and conveniently attach to your Jeep’s door and raise it. With gadget, you won’t lose your footing or control when you slide the door of your Jeep open.

This effectively prevents the door from slipping out of your hands and crashing to the floor, which is a major benefit of our device.

Install a Wall Mount for Storing Your Jeep Doors

A simple wall mount is going to be the first method of storing Jeep doors. This is a straightforward approach that nonetheless produces the desired results. You just need a few fundamental tools and some L brackets to put this together on your own.

To begin, you will need a piece of wood that is 2 by 12 and approximately 55 inches in length. This ought to be available at most places that sell lumber and even some of the stores that sell hardware. Attach this piece of wood to the wall at an appropriate height, roughly at the same level as your eyes.

You need to check that it is firmly attached to the wall and won’t come crashing down due to the weight of the doors. As soon as you have completed this step, the next step is to mount your brackets.

In order to protect your doors from being damaged, you should look for cylindrical L-shaped brackets that are rubber padded and have a rubber padding. Attach these to the board in quadrants of two each.

It is recommended that there be a gap of 12 inches between the first two doors of the back door and 16 inches between the first two doors of the front door. Each set of brackets will have the capacity to support a pair of doors individually.

How to Store Jeep Doors

Place Jeep Door Handles and Doors on a Storage Cart

You may even design a storage cart specifically for your Jeep doors if you want another option for storing them. You have two options to choose from, working with either metal or wood. If you decide to go with metal, you will need to invest in some additional padding to protect your doors from being dented or scratched in any way.

The storage cart has a straightforward design and is essentially just a cart on wheels. It has the capacity to safely store all four of your doors, but it doesn’t require an excessive amount of space to do so. The most fundamental dimensions of the cart are listed below. It must be slightly more than 6 feet in length, 1 foot in width, and 5 feet in height.

It has a rectangular frame at the bottom that serves as a place for you to install multi-purpose foam rubber to prevent your doors from becoming scratched. The frame is supported by two wheels and two castors, allowing you to move the cart about without any effort.

If you are going to construct this cart on your own, you have the freedom to choose the kind of material that you are most comfortable working with. If you are anything like me, you will almost certainly choose wood, but if you don’t want to, metal will do just as well in its place.

How to Store Jeep Doors

Choose Your Storage Location Wisely

After choosing a storage mechanism, choose a location. Most people store their doors in their garage, but you may store them in a basement, shed or other space. Store your doors in a dry, low-traffic place.

If the spot you chose collects water or is exposed to the weather, you may find corroded Jeep doors when you put them back. As mentioned, avoid storing doors in high-traffic locations. More people passing through your doors means more chances to bump and fall.

Cover the Doors Up

While storing your Jeep doors, we recommend covering them for protection. Doing so will keep dangerous or abrasive chemicals off the doors while they’re stored. Top Lift Professionals Jeep door coverings provide the best protection, but a tarp is better than nothing.

Our high-quality coverings prevent scratches, dings, dust mites, and discoloration by protecting your doors’ paint from UV rays. Our cover’s soft inner lining also protects against rubbing, which might damage your doors’ finish.

Top Lift Professionals is dedicated to improving your Jeep ownership experience. Hence, we offer a variety of tools and supplies to safely remove, install, and store your Jeep’s doors and roof. Contact Top Lift Pro today to learn more about our revolutionary products.


There is a lot to think about when deciding where to keep your Jeep’s doors. In deciding how to best secure your doors, you should think about your budget, the amount of available room in your house, and the effectiveness of various security measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you store Jeep doors in the back?

Keep it in the back of your Jeep, then roll your doors to wherever you want to stow them when you’re away from home. You can even bring them up into your hotel room for the night since it works just like a luggage cart.

Is it safe to leave doors off Jeep?

Jeep vehicles are designed to be safe without the doors. But, you still need to take a few precautions to make sure it’s legal and safe to drive. The side mirrors are part of the doors, so taking off the doors also means taking off the mirrors.

How to safely store Jeep doors?

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to store the doors of your Jeep is to lay down a large, thick blanket and either lay the doors down flat on top of it or lean them against a wall with their base on the blanket.

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