Jeep Tip Start – Who Knew?

The majority of the features that come standard on today’s automobiles are geared toward simplifying various aspects of our daily life.

“Tip start” is the name given to one of these functions. This feature is available in most newer models of Jeep, and it is a fantastic way to start your car without having to fumble about for your keys.

There is a function on Jeeps called “tip start” that enables the driver to start the vehicle without first inserting the key into the ignition. Simply pressing a button on the dashboard will activate the starter engine in your vehicle. This action is all that is required of you.

Jeep Tip Start

What is a Jeep Tip Start?

Jeeps with the Tip Start feature can be started manually or have the engine restart itself after being turned off and on again within a set amount of time. If your Jeep stalls for whatever reason, or if you just forget to switch the engine off, this could come in handy. To get going again, just turn the key on and go.

How to Use a Jeep Tip Start

Jeeps have a start button on the dashboard that triggers the starter when pressed. One foot on the brake and another on the start button will get your car going. The starter motor will turn off after a predetermined length of time if your car won’t start, protecting it from damage caused by excessive heat.

For the ignition to work with the tip start technology, it doesn’t require a key. There is a microchip in the ignition key that controls the mechanism. It’s the chip’s job to communicate with the car’s computer and trigger the starting motor.

How to Use a Jeep Tip Start

When to Use a Jeep Tip Start

Jeep owners with manual transmissions may be curious about the best time to engage Tip Start. Some examples of when this function might be useful are as follows:

  • Starting your engine in deep water can cause flooding if you’re not careful.
  • It’s important to know how to fast restart your Jeep if it ever dies while you are driving.
  • Parking on an incline might be dangerous if you don’t take precautions to prevent your car from rolling backwards when you start it.
  • The tyres won’t spin as you pull away from a stop in sand, mud, or snow.

Advantages of Utilizing a Tip Start

It’s annoying when your Jeep refuses to turn over. But imagine if you didn’t need to turn the key to start your Jeep. This is where Jeep’s Tip Start feature comes in handy.

The Jeep Tip Start system allows the vehicle to be started without the need to insert the key into the ignition. It’s as simple as pressing a button on the dashboard to get your Jeep going.

Here are some things to think about before deciding whether or not you want to use this function:

  • You don’t have to keep the key in the ignition while the engine warms up, making it ideal for cold weather starts.
  • You can start your Jeep without inserting the key into the ignition, making it much easier and quicker to do so.
  • Your key fob is small enough to fit in your pocket, so you won’t lose it.
Advantages of Utilizing a Tip Start

Reasons Your Tip Start May Not Work

Low Battery in the Keyfob

Bad keyfob battery can also prevent tip start from working. Weak batteries can’t transmit a strong enough signal to the car’s computer to start the engine. Press the keyfob button to test if the LED light comes on. If not, change the battery.

Gear Shift Is Not in Park

The gear shift is not in the park position, which is another common cause of a failed tip start. In order for the starter to fire up, the car’s computer requires that the transmission be in the park position. That’s a safety device that will keep the automobile from moving if the engine is on.

Keyfob Is Far From the Car

The keyfob must be in range of the vehicle for the signal to be transmitted, but no key is needed to use the tip start feature.

It is impossible for the automobile to receive the signal from too far away, rendering the tip start feature useless. The electronic chip in the keyfob communicates with the car’s central processing unit, which in turn triggers the starter.

Brake Pedal Is Not Depressed

To start the vehicle, the brake pedal must be depressed, just as it is in the vast majority of vehicles. When you press the button that starts the car, this safety feature will stop it from moving until you release it.

An Issue With the Tip Start Itself

A problem with the actual tip start is also possible. Checking the owner’s manual is the first thing to do if your tip start is malfunctioning. If not, you should have your Jeep evaluated by a certified technician or authorised dealer.

Jeep Tip Start

How to Turn Off a Jeep Tip Start

In the event that your Jeep has Tip Start, this is how to disable it:

To begin, put on the brakes. The next step is to depress the brake pedal but keep pressing the ENGINE START/STOP button for around two seconds. After a second beep, you can let go of the button. There should be a new message reading “TIP START OFF” in the hub. If this message does not appear, or if pressing and holding the ENGINE START/STOP button does not have any effect, please refer to the Owner’s Manual.


You may start your Jeep with the “tip start” feature, which eliminates the need to place your key into the ignition. To start your vehicle, all you have to do is press a button that is located on the dashboard.

In the event that your vehicle does not start, the starter motor will turn itself off after a predetermined length of time in order to prevent it from overheating.

Frequently asked questions

Can remote start work on a manual transmission?

Can you use automatic car starters with manual transmissions? This is one of the most common questions we get about remote car starters. The simple answer is yes; you can install remote starters for manual stick-shift vehicles.

Why is my Jeep turning on but not starting?

If this is happening, take a look at the fuel lines running to your engine. If that all looks good, there’s a chance your spark plugs aren’t receiving the spark. There’s also a chance that your vehicle’s security system is malfunctioning.

Why is my engine cranking but not starting?

If the car cranks when you turn the key, but the engine won’t start, it could be because fuel isn’t getting to the engine. One potential reason for this could be dirty fuel injectors. Over time, the fuel injector nozzles can become clogged with rust, corrosion or debris.

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