Jeep TJ Frame Recall

Due to a possible frame defect, Jeep is recalling some TJ Wranglers from a specific model year.

The Jeep Wrangler is a legendary SUV that has fans all around the globe. However, recently an increasing number of owners have questioned the integrity of the frames supporting their vehicles. Moreover, it is unclear whether a recent recall of certain models will be sufficient to address the problems.

In this article we will discuss who is eligible for the recall and how to go about getting your vehicle fixed if you are affected by this issue.

Jeep TJ Frame Problems

Rust on the frame is a common problem with old Wranglers. Even if you take good care of your Jeep, it can still rust. This is because it can be hard to clean out the frame rails completely, and most rust problems start on the inside and work their way out.

Frame repair pieces can be welded in without removing the old rusted out sections. It may not be a do-it-yourself project for everyone, as working on these parts of your Jeep’s structure involves removing the body from the chassis.

What Causes Jeeps to Rust?

The driver’s carelessness is the main cause of body damage. If you pay more attention to how your car is doing, you can delay the appearance of red spots on the “iron,” which usually start in the wheel arches.

Corrosion is caused by things like chips and scratches that let water get into the metal and eat it away, bad body repairs, lack of galvanization, and bad painting of the car body.

Rust removal is costly. Preventive interventions are advised. First, check the body for little brown spots that need prompt attention at the service station. Second, leave the car in dry, well-ventilated areas. Corrosion is unavoidable. Finally, expert drivers recommend washing the automobile every two weeks. During slush and glaze, visit the car wash more often.

Watch wheel arches closely. If paint has chipped, sand, degrease, and paint or wax the area.

Are the frames of all Jeep TJs the same?

The TJ generation 2 was introduced in the end of 1996. Its slightly antiquated aesthetic is actually an improvement over the ultra-modern elegance of its counterpart.

Automatic Braking Systems, Electronic Stability Programs, Anti-lock Braking Systems, and Anti-Bus Systems are used to save a vehicle from seemingly hopeless situations. Safe passage is guaranteed regardless of road conditions or availability.

It is made of very stiff plastic and doesn’t have a climate control system, headlight washer, rain sensor, or other useful features. But it has a built-in computer, as do all American cars, tyre pressure sensors, factory-tinted windows, and a lot more. Good noise insulation, adequate suspension.

Jeep TJ Frame Repair

First, dirt, paint, and primer are removed from the corrosion hotspot. Typically, coarse abrasive paper is used. After cleaning, rust converter is applied. The body surface is cleaned, primed, and puttied after drying. Anti-corrosion primer can help. Body painting and polishing come last.

If only a small area is damaged, anticorrosion varnish can be used. Its corrosion inhibitors reduce rust in affected areas. This clear coating is applied to a cleansed and dried surface.

Follow the technique and dry all layers to execute the treatment correctly. Otherwise, all efforts will vanish or cause rust.

Rust converters have varied packaging and application methods, but the same principle. Orthophosphoric acid creates an oxygen-tight microfilm when it contacts oxidized surfaces. Without the oxidizer, the chemical process and metal breakdown stop.

The rust converter is liquid, spray, or gel. Use the product as directed. It’s necessary to take safety precautions and avoid chemically active skin unprotected.


The Jeep JT has a history of frame rot problems. Despite calls to have it recalled owing to them, the Jeep Wrangler continues to be one of the most popular models in the Jeep lineup.

Drilling drainage holes in the frame to prevent standing water is a smart move. You should research it well before purchasing to avoid acquiring one with a faulty structure.

If you are currently the proud owner of a TJ, you should check the frame to ensure that you do not experience any of the issues mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Jeep frame be fixed?

A frame replacement means the entire frame of your vehicle needs to be replaced. To do this, a mechanic will turn off your Jeeps battery, drain all of its fluids, and disconnect everything that’s attached to its current frame (ex., steering shaft, body mounts, brake lines, etc.).

How do you get surface rust off a Jeep frame?

Scrape off loose rust and paint rust with POR15, or use the phosphoric acid like Jeepsr4me said. Then paint entire frame with something like Eastwood 2k or Imron. Then spray inside of frame with Eastwood rust convertor. Then before every winter, spray inside of frame, inside of doors, inside of tailgate, etc

Is rust covered under Jeep warranty?

Anti-Corrosion Perforation Limited Warranty: The corrosion warranty covers any needed repairs or replacements to sheet metal panels that get holes from rust or other corrosion. Cosmetic or surface corrosion is not covered under warranty.

When should I worry about frame rust?

If you can chip away parts of your frame, then you should start worrying about it as it can spread to other parts of your car’s body. The usual places where you can see the rust are on your fenders and under your car.

Andrea Barbuti
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