Jeep Wrangler Noise Reduction [Tips and Tricks]

One of the most popular off-road vehicles on the market is the Jeep Wrangler. However, noise is one issue that a lot of Jeep Wrangler owners have. Noise can be a major issue when you’re attempting to enjoy a quiet trip, whether it comes from the engine, the tyres, or the wind.

Fortunately, you can quiet your Jeep Wrangler down with a few simple soundproofing tricks. We’ll look at some of the top techniques for soundproofing your Jeep Wrangler in this blog post to provide you a quieter ride.

What causes Jeep Wrangler noise?

Jeep Wranglers are popular. It’s dependable and entertaining to drive. The Wrangler can be noisy.

Many things can make your Jeep Wrangler noisy. Tires are a leading cause. Old tyres can be noisy. Engine noise is another prevalent Wrangler issue. Old or malfunctioning engines can generate unusual noises.

There are ways to lessen Jeep Wrangler noise. New tyres are a must. Old tyres are noisy. New tyres will minimise Jeep noise.

An aftermarket exhaust system can also minimise Jeep Wrangler noise. A solid aftermarket exhaust system will quiet your engine.

How to soundproof your Jeep Wrangler

If you own a Jeep Wrangler, you know that noise from the road can be a big problem. But there are some easy ways to soundproof your Wrangler that can help cut down on the noise.

1. Soundproof the Cabin and Underneath the Carpet

Most road noise emanates from the cabin’s floor. Insulation is key. Dense, thick material on your jeep’s cabin floor will protect it and block road noise. Soundproofing also increases your beast’s durability while you’re on the road.

Choose a high-quality sound dampening material from the several on the market. High-quality materials reduce sound distortion so you can enjoy music while driving.

Most soundproofing materials for a cabin’s floor are easy to install, so don’t worry. Mats dampen the noise. These carpets include Dynamat, Fatmat, and Noico.

2. Sound Deadening Headliner KitCarpet

A headliner kit designed to reduce interior noise is another viable option. This bespoke package will reduce the impact of wind and weather on the comfort of your jeep.

For its simple setup, the DE boom mat has my highest recommendation. It is both cheap and highly efficient. I think you’ll get the best results from it if you combine it with a side window trim kit, since they both function well together to keep the noise and temperature out.

3. Use a Sailcloth Top

This could be the best option if you really want to silence your car totally. While this approach does have a higher initial cost, it yields favourable long-term results.

Popular Bestop Sailcloth toppers are reported to be 50% quieter than standard options. Several styles are available at affordable prices if you decide to get one of these.

4. Change Your Tires

If the weatherstripping on your Jeep Wrangler is in good shape, then the noise could be coming from the tyres you’re currently using. Therefore, switching to tyres that aren’t as loud would be a good option.

There is no foolproof method for determining the quietest tyres, but this discussion among Jeep Wrangler owners may help you narrow down your options.

5. Buy Aerodynamic Mirrors

Most of the side mirrors on Jeep Wranglers do not cause slipstream, which is what makes the noise while driving.

The Jeep will be quieter if you only add mud mirrors, which are known for their good slipstream. The mirrors let air pass through, which can cause vibrations and sounds that can be annoying when driving.

But there are a lot of choices on the market right now, so you should do some research to find the best one for your beast.

6. Change the Weatherstrips

If the weatherstrips on your car are in bad shape, you might hear a lot of wind when you’re driving fast. Before you do anything else, the best thing to do is check to see if the weatherstrips you already have are sealed well.

If they are well sealed but the wind is still making noise, it’s time to get new ones. You can find a variety of weatherstrips online for a low price, and this one is the one we recommend. Weatherstripping is easy to put in, but it’s best to let a professional do it because even the smallest hole can cause a problem.

7. Take a look at the Noisy Lifters

In the engine of a Jeep Wrangler, a lifter is the little cylinder that is connected to the valve’s rod or rocker arm. Automobile engine components typically generate a noise whenever the engine is started. The issue typically arises once the lifter has amassed excessive dirt and grime.

The sludge and muck weigh the worker down. With the lifter swapped out, the engine should run with less clatter.

8. Engine Soundproofing

There is a certain amount of rumble from the motor of the car. Although it may be difficult, engine insulation is essential for reducing noise levels. The best possible effect can be achieved by closing the engine cover from the inside. Use the whole hood for optimal results.

The soundproof carpet works to dampen any footfalls or footsteps. Fatmat, Dynamat, or any of a number of other under-the-hood insulators for automobiles will do the job of isolating the engine.

Consider using Dynamat, which we recommend. Since it is resistant to extreme heat, it is the optimal material for engine covers. It’s cheap and easily accessible. Fatmat is the best choice if you live or drive in chilly climates. Your car’s interior will be quickly cooled.

9. Use Earplugs

When travelling long distances in a loud vehicle like a Jeep Wrangler, earplugs are a godsend. Earplugs have long been recognised as one of the most reliable and efficient pieces of soundproofing equipment available.

Noise-related discomfort can be avoided with the use of this equipment. Earplugs, on the other hand, make it impossible to both hear music and communicate with fellow passengers.

Furthermore, studies have shown that using earplugs while driving might cause the motorist to become disengaged from their surroundings, which greatly raises the risk of an accident.

Earplugs are not a good idea for driving safety. If you’re on a tight budget and need to soundproof your beast, these are temporary fixes.


The previous soundproofing advice can help you prevent noise from the road or from within the vehicle on your next long road trip in a Jeep Wrangler. The recommendations are simple and cheap to implement.

While others may be a bit more on the expensive side, they are well worth it. Use the aforementioned advice to have a quieter and more relaxing drive in your beast.

In addition, following the tips will help your Jeep Wrangler last longer and require fewer repairs. I’m hoping that you found this post useful in your quest to soundproof your Jeep Wrangler.

Frequently Asked questions

Can I make my Jeep quieter?

One quick and convenient way to soundproof your Jeep Wrangler is to get a hardtop. A hardtop provides more insulation to the Jeep Wrangler cab and can quiet down some of the wind and other noises.

What is the quietest Jeep Wrangler?

The Wrangler JL does use increased sound deadening over the JK, and is quieter overall; however, the top is actually thinner, making wind noise noticeable and sound insulation a must-have upgrade.

Is jeep hardtop quieter than soft top?

Since they are solid and stronger than soft tops, they will typically last longer. Hardtop Jeep Wranglers can also provide more insulation, shielding you from the chilly winter wind or the hot summer sun. This also allows for a quieter ride compared to a soft top Jeep Wrangler, which would typically be louder.05-Aug-2022

How do you reduce the wind noise on a Jeep Wrangler soft top?

To make your Jeep soft top quieter, reconsider investing in new materials, especially those from HushMat. You might also want to check the seals and bows, as these can create noise if they’re not secure. The same is true of the zippers if they’re not closed all the way.

Do floor mats reduce noise car?

A lot of this noise comes from just driving down the road, and it gets progressively louder the faster you drive. Are there ways to fight against this? One way is to use soundproof floor mats for the car. They can make a pretty big difference right away, and it does not take that much effort to find the right set up.

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