What Is the Jeep Wave [Explained]

Whenever two Jeeps pass one other on the road, the Jeep wave rule is a long-standing custom among Jeep enthusiasts. It’s a customer loyalty programme for Jeep owners, but that’s what it’s called in the official sense: the Jeep Wave.

Only true Jeep Legends understand the meaning of the wave, which dates back to World War II, according to legend.

It’s only natural that Jeep owners greet one another with a friendly wave. So why not complement each other on the quality of your car purchases? When it comes to the Jeep wave, though, it goes far further than a simple hello.

Do you have a Jeep, or are you considering getting one? Then you’ve probably heard of the Jeep wave, which is either a friendly gesture or a VIP programme that Jeep sponsors.

What Is the Jeep Wave

When you see another Jeep driver, you should give them the Jeep wave as a sign of friendship and admiration. No matter which Jeep model you’re driving, if another Jeep driver waves at you, you should return the gesture.

What is the Jeep Wave?

There is an unwritten rule among drivers for as long as Jeeps have been around, and most Jeep fans will agree on that. Fans of Jeep will find great pride and inspiration in the Jeep Wave, as it serves as a symbol of the values they stand for.

Jeeps were often seen on the front lines of World War II bringing supplies, confidential messages, and wounded men to safety.

The Jeep Wave may have originated as a way to distinguish between allies and opponents, or as a simple greeting from one soldier to another.

To salute a passing officer during World War II, the wave was used. For example, it’s impossible for an adversary spy to determine that the passing Jeep is carrying any important government officials.

It used to be practiced only by drivers of Jeep CJs, YJs, TJs, and JKs; however, now the entire Jeep family can use the Wave as long as you understand how to do it correctly to pay the right respect to other Jeep drivers.

What Is the Jeep Wave

Jeep Wave Rule

Regional rules for Jeep Wave vary. Either raise a waving hand or keep your hand on the steering wheel, raising four fingers and extending your thumb.

Other places on the steering wheel allow only two fingers. In some locations, one or two fingers are used when nodding.

Can Jeeps do the Jeep Wave? The Jeep Wave began with CJ, YJ, TJ, and JK owners, not just Wrangler owners. The club now includes all Jeep drivers.

The “Jeep hierarchy” determines who starts the hand wave. But most people don’t pay attention to these things; they just wave.

Hierarchy determines which driver initiates the Wave as a sign of respect. Three elements decide your Jeep’s rank:

Vehicle – CJs are on top of the class hierarchy, followed by TJs, YJs, and Cherokees.

Appearance and condition – When the top is off, the dirtier and more open your Jeep is, the higher it ranks. Cleaner and newer Jeeps rank lower.

Modifications and Additions – Jeeps set up for actual off-roading or improved with off-road modifications like bigger wheels and tires, lifts, body armor, and other modifications rank over stock Jeeps with no mods.

Higher ratings are given to Jeeps with off-road modifications such larger wheels and tyres, lifts, aftermarket bumpers, body armour, and other upgrades.

The Jeep driver must start the Wave upon passing a Jeep with a higher position in the hierarchy and continue it until it is returned, ignored, or the other driver has passed.

The Jeep Wave follows a simple set of guidelines. The wave is a Jeep custom that must be upheld by all members of the Jeep community. Even if the other Jeeper is driving a Grand Cherokee or Compass, you must reciprocate the wave. It’s that simple.

Jeeps aren’t the only vehicles whose drivers wave to one another. There have been reports of Mini-Cooper drivers, Porsche drivers, Classic car drivers, and Harley riders sharing waves with each other as well. But there can only be one Jeep Wave.

Jeep Wave

What Is the Jeep Wave Program?

The Jeep Wave is a special programme that allows Jeep owners to wave to one another while on the road. This is a terrific way to offer fellow Jeepers some love and let them know that you’re member of the club. There are a few regulations to follow when participating in the Jeep Wave, but they’re all easy to remember.

The Jeep Wave program offers a number of exclusive benefits to members, from maintenance offers to access to exclusive events. Learn more about Jeep Wave program features below:

VIP treatment

Get VIP treatment at Jeep Brand events across the country. You’ll have access to unique events and contests for Jeep Wave members.

Premium discount

Take advantage of unique discounts and offers from 150 quality merchants with Jeep Wave. You can use the $500 in savings from a car purchase to get 40% off select products.

Trip interruption coverage

If your Jeep requires emergency service, the Jeep Wave program covers up to $1,000 per occurrence for lodging, meals, and emergency transportation.

Professional Support 24/7

If you have issues regarding your Jeep car, servicing, or anything else, you can speak to a Jeep vehicle owner support professional 24/7.


Jeep Wave members receive two oil changes and tire rotations annually for the length of the membership.

Eligible Vehicles

Starting with the 2021 model year, all Jeep vehicles are automatically enrolled into the Jeep Wave program. For 2016-2020 model year vehicles, only select vehicles are automatically enrolled into the program:

  • Wrangler and Gladiator – all trim levels
  • Grand Cherokee – Overland, Summit, SRT®, Trailhawk®, Trackhawk® and High Altitude trim levels
  • Cherokee, Compass and Renegade – Trailhawk trim level

How Much Does Jeep Wave Cost?

If you purchase a qualifying vehicle, the Jeep Wave programme is free of cost for 24 months. You can re-enroll in the programme for $150 for a 12-month term. Drivers who buy into the Jeep Wave programme will be charged an annual fee.


Jeep drivers aren’t the only ones that wave to one another. There have been tales of other cars replicating “the wave.” Driving instructors, drivers of Mini Coopers, Porsches, antique automobiles and Harley Davidsons are among those that share the waves. However, there can be only one Jeep Wave.

Jeep Wale Explained

Next time when you spot another Jeep driving in your direction, you know what to do and what it means. Now, go live up to the heritage of the Jeep Wave rule!

When it comes to showing your Jeep pride, these are just a few of the many ways that you may do it if you own a Jeep and enjoy off-roading. This is why the Jeep Wave and sayings like “It’s a Jeep thing” exist: driving a Jeep connects you to an adventurous past.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Jeep Wrangler owners wave at each other?

The Jeep Wave is a special greeting that Jeep owners use to acknowledge each other as they pass on the road.

What is the Jeep wave hierarchy?

The Jeep Wave Hierarchy is based on a scoring system with three categories. The first category is based on the vehicle itself. This takes into account the nostalgia factor, the discomfort tolerance quotient, and the amount of owner dedication required to maintain the Jeep.

How do you get a free oil change on a Jeep wave?

Jeep vehicle owner support agents are available 24/7 and can be reached at (844) 533-7928 (JEEP WAVE) by our members. You can also chat online with one of our agents by visiting jeep.com/wave.

Is Jeep wave really free?

If you purchase an eligible vehicle, the Jeep Wave program is free of cost for 24 months.

Do all Jeep owners wave to each other?

Every jeeper is responsible for upholding the tradition of the wave.

Who is allowed to do the Jeep wave?

Beginning with 2021 model year, all Jeep® vehicles are automatically enrolled into the Jeep Wave® program. For 2016-2020 model year vehicles, only select vehicles are automatically enrolled into the program: Wrangler and Gladiator – all trim levels.

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